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Bike Activity is the only app in the whole Market that takes care of your Montain/Road Bike

Useful both for novice than expert cyclists helps to keep in perfect
working order their bikes.

This app will notify you when it's time to carry out checks on the components
of your bike and tell you what to check:

Enter in a few seconds your Mountain Bike and / or your Road Bike and specify how you use it, Bike Activity inserts for you a list of standard components ready to be customized to your liking:

For example (but not only) have an internal gear hub on your bike? no problem!
You have lenticular wheels for your very special racing road bike? no problem!

For any component you can write it's settings and all you can mind (fork and shock air pressure, number of clicks for fork and shock settings, frame serial number, how many links your chain has, tires pressure, seat post height, etc )

Take pictures of your bike and components, enter your km
(you can import your mileage from a text file / csv).

Bike Activity will show a red/orange/green/info light on the bike
and on each of its components and show you a list of alerts telling what to check
and what work is to be done.

You can also create an Acrobat PDF document, print it and take it with you
into your garage or your preferred bike mechanic.

When time to sell your bike comes, you can pass all the data of the components, including the history of all work performed, to the new owner
(he has to own a copy of Bike Activity).

You are in the middle of a trip and you think about something to do on your bike?
One of those checks that, after the run, You usually forget and remind only the next time you jump again on the saddle ?
Record an audio memo in few seconds with Bike Activity, keep on with your run and when you'll arrive home, just relisten... and remember!

If you prefer, now you can also write a note for your Bike.

You can also create an Acrobat PDF file with the list of all the components of your bike, when these have been installed and how many km and months of usage they have.

Are You so enthusiast about your bike that you want Her always on your eyes? Take shots of the bike and parts, sit down, relax and watch the slideshow !

Bike Activity is the app that takes care of your bikes, Mountain Bike or Road Bikes !